wellington trestle

Wellington Trestle, Cranston RI - February 12th, 2006

I was cold and ready to go to another location, perhaps the other side of the bridge – although the space was slim if a train decided to arrive and I wasn’t about to jump to the opposite side since I could see the third rail… Danger! This is a straight line section of track so it’s straight for a mile if not more after a curve from the left. I made sure the entire trip that I maintained view of both sides of the track. My first shots the tripod leg was on the rail road tie cement support. So I packed up and looked left… I could see a light coming from up the track… !!!! I flipped my bag open and pulled out the N70 to put on the pod… oh no, the mount is on the F100! I put the N70 back and pulled the out the F100, set it on the tripod, positioned it to look down the track away from the oncoming train. Slowly the bridge began to illuminate from the train's light… CLICK – open shutter… Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh…. I felt the blast of air from the engine flying by, snow blown everywhere. At the time, I was squatting and had my parka hood up with my left arm covering my head… poooooooooof! ...the snow and the train are gone…….. I thought "awesome" and "boy that was dumb" at the same time. I thought I'd better double check to make sure the shutter was in fact open, it was - after than experience I was ready to go home. I packed up and left.